Best 5 Overlock Sewing Machine in UAE in a Budget I 20% OFF I

Best 5 Overlock Sewing Machine in UAE in a Budget I 20% OFF I

Best 5 Overlock Sewing Machine in UAE in a Budget I 20% OFF I 


      1.Brother 2504D Overlock Machine

    Brother 2504D - Overlock Machine - White - Front view

    • Easy to Follow Lay-in Threading
    • 3 or 4 Thread Overlocker
    • F.A.S.T. Lower Looper Threading System
    • Free Arm/ Flat Bed Convertible Sewing Surface
    • LED Lighting
    • Quick release stitch finger for instant rolled hemming
    • Differential feed for better stitch quality
    • Thread tension control- Manual
    • Case- soft cover
    • Change for roller hem- 1.0-2.0mm

    The Brother 2504D Overlock Machine has color coded threading which makes easy to thread.Set your machine to feed and stitch 2 fabrics with different properties and weight together.This overlock machine offers quick release stitch finger for insatnt rolled hemming.Change the presser foot pressure to enable quality overlocking of fabric having different weights.Utilize the free arm to easily feint fabrics to create curved shaped pieces and small items. 


          2.Laiba 434 Overlock Machine

    Laiba 434 - Overlock machine - White - Front view

    • 4-thread overlock machine
    • Designed to overlock fabrics having different properties and weight.
    • The machine applies 4-thread chainstitch with 2 needles,
    • stitch code 514.

    The Laiba 434  overlock machine expertedly crafted to handle wide variety of fabrics.This overlock machine excels in applying 4 thread chainstitch with 2 needles identified by the stitch code 514.This overlock machine is designed for fabrics that have different weights and properties like overseaming and joining elastic or flexible materials.Used especially for sewing underwear,swimming suits,T-shirts, sweatshirts shirts,sweatshirts,spotwear or terry cloth bed sheet.


          3.Singer S0105 Overlock Machine

    Singer S0105 - Overlock machine - White - Front view

    • Easy View Threading
    • 2/3/4 Thread Capability
    • Differential Feed
    • Free Arm
    • 1300 Stitches per minute (SPM)
    • Adjustable thread tension
    • Built in rolled hem plate
    • Extra High Presser Foot Lift
    • Quick and Easy threading
    • Included Accessories
    • Adjustable Feed Dog

    The Singer S0105 overlock machine S0105 has a free arm, that allows to sew small surfaces and those details like the hem of the trousers, necks and sleeves.By adjusting the presser foot pressure seam can be look very different.this is one of the useful features in Singer S0105 overlock machine.In this overlock machine you can just pass to the hem stitch without removing the pressor foot or the needle plate.Adjustable feed dog gives you perfect stitches on every kind of fabric,from light weight to heavy fabric,delicate fabric,to overlock fabric having different properties and weights.Singer S0105 overlock machine has a speed of 1300 stiches per minutes.


          4.Janome 7034D Magnolia Overlock Machine

    Janome 7032d Magnolia - Overlock Machine - White - Front view

    • 3-4 thread Overlock Machine
    • Tension Dial: One Rotation
    • Upper/lower thread tension dial
    • Upper knife release knob
    • Adjustable cutting width 3.1mm to 5.1mm
    • Maximum speed 1,300 spm
    • Adjustable foot pressure
    • Changeable thread guide
    • Snap on presser feet
    • Dimension:39x34.7x37.4 cm
    • GW:8.1kg
    • NW:6.1kg

    The Janome 7034D Magnolia  overlock machine gives a wide range of features.This overlock machine has a maximum speed of 1300spm.With one rotation tension dial for upper and lower thread tension,it ensures easy adjustment.This overlock machine is a light weighting machine,easy to carry and compact design.The upper knife release knob provides added control and can customize cutting width width 3.1mm to 5.1mm.


          5.Laiba FN2-7D Duel stitch Overlock Machine

    Laiba FN2-7D -Duel stitch overlock machine - Multi color - Front vew


    • Max. Sewing Speed 200sti/min
    • Model Number : FN2 7D
    • Type Household Sewing Machine
    •  Max. Sewing Thickness :  3mm
    • Feed Mechanism : Manual

    The Laiba FN2-7D Duel stitch overlock machine is equipped with a manuel feed mechanism which gives you to control over the stitching process.This overlock machine is capable of handling fabric with the maximum thickness of 3mm.This is a house hold sewing machine which will be more user friendly abd easy to setup.It offers maximum speed of 2000 stitches per minutes which will make your sewing easy and complete in no time.


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