Best Sewing Machine Online at Best Price

Best Sewing Machine Online at Best Price

Best Sewing Machine Online at Best Price


      1.Janome RE1706 Sewing Machine

Janome RE1706 - Sewing machine - White - Front view

  • 7 integrated stitch
  • 24 stitch functions
  • 4 Step Eyelet
  • Recoil lever
  • Stitch selector
  • Extra height foot
  • Manual thread blade

The Janome RE1706 sewing machine boasts a 7 integrated stitch and 24 stitch function for a versatile sewing.The sewing machine includes a 4 step eyelet and recoil lever for easy operations.The sewing machine provides a stitch selector based on your choice of fabrics.This sewing machine is designed with extra height footer so can sew fabric having different thickness.The manual thread blades makes the threading easier and makes the sewing machine a beginner and user friendly.


      2.Singer promise 1409 Sewing Machine

Singer promise 1409 - Sewing machine - White - Front view

  • 9 built in stiches 
  • 15 stitch functions
  • 4-step buttenhole
  • Metal bobbin winter
  • Heavy duty metal frame

The Singer promise 1409  sewing machine comes with a heavy metal frame for a long lasting life and provides you a stable stitching.This sewing machine offers 9 pre-set stitches and 15 stitch function so you can make fun sewing projects. sewing machine has 4 step button hole for making easy and secure button holes.This is a beginner friendly and compact sewing machine.


      3.Brother GS 2700 Sewing Machine

Brother GS 2700 - Sewing machine - White - Front view

  • Item Weight : 7 kg 370 g 
  • Dimensions :  48.6 x 37.8 x 20 cm
  • Included Components: 1 Sewing Machine
  • Horizontal bobbin type
  • Foot controller 
  • LED light
  • Fast bobbin winding system
  • Soft cover case
  • Needle threader
  • Thread tension control

The Brother GS 2700 sewing machine is a very light weight and compact sewing machine.It comes with a LED light which will illuminates your work space and a soft cover case offers protection.It has a horizontal bobbin system providing smooth and even stitching.The sewing machine comes with a foot controller which allows you to always keep hands on your fabrics ensuring a smooth stitching and the needle threader will make your sewing journey easier and faster.


      4.Singer Simple 3229 Sewing Machine

Singer simple 3229 - Sewing machine - White - Front view

  • 29 built-in stitches, including 6 basic, 7 stretches, 15 decoratives, and 1
  • Automatic 4-Step Buttonhole stitch
  •  Easy threading, stitch selection,
  • Adjustable stitch length and width, up to 5mm , 
  • Heavy-duty metal frame

Singer Simple 3229 sewing machine has a heavy duty metal frame ensures durability and stability.The sewing machine comes equipped with a 29 built-in stitches, including 6 basic, 7 stretches, 15 decoratives, and 1 automatic 4-Step Buttonhole stitch which gives you many options for sewing projects.It has a user frienldy design making accesable to both beginners and experienced sewers.It offers a stitch length and stitch width up to 5mm and can adjust them according to your needs.


      5.Janome Scarlet 12 Sewing Machine

Janome scarlet 12 - Sewing machine - White - Front view

  • crafted from high quality materials, it ensures longevity
  • Sturdy construction offers prolong usage
  • Durable and scratch resistant

Janome Scarlet 12 sewing machine is a portable sewing machine.This sewing machine is crafted from high quality material and ensures longevity and durability.It offers a study and stable sewing.This sewing machine is designed with many buit in stiches and not only it's handy, you can make wide variety of sewing projects.Can create descor,clothes and DIY by this mini sewing machine.


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