Buy Best Industrial Sewing Machines of Jack at Best price I 20% off I

Buy Best Industrial Sewing Machines of Jack at Best price I 20% off I

Buy Best 5 Industrial Sewing Machines of Jack at Best price I 20% off I


      1.Jack A3B Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Humanized design 

  • Cooling fan

  • One shaft design
  • Touch-tone factory reset 
  • For light and heavy fabric 

The Jack A3B Industrial Sewing Machine has a one shaft design and to reduce the machine torque and makes feeding more smoothly.The industrial sewing machine can be used from light to heavy fabrics.The industrial machine provides long and short button for factory reset and needle position.The Jack A3B Industrial Sewing Machine offers a cooling fan to reduce the temperature of motor and to improve the life span of machine.For your better sewing experience there is LED lamp, reverse stitch  and half stitch in one unique LED lamp design.This one of the best industrial sewing machine from this band as it is very versataile and flexible.


      2.Jack A2B auto trimmer lockstitch machine

  • The control box of A2B and direct drive machine are interchangeable,the service is more secure.
  • Increase the capacitance to make the machine more stable and reliable when faced with frequent switching of high and low voltage;widevoltage-220V:100V~295V;110V:50V~145V
  • A2Bjust4cm approximately, Save thread.
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • 30%efficiency improve ,Increase production capacity, shorter thread tail before sewing and beautiful stitches.

The Jack A2B auto trimmer lockstitch machine is one of the best industrial sewing machine as it provides more secure and the control box and direct drive machine are interchangable.By frequent switching from high voltage to low voltage or vice versa the capacity can be increased.The industrial machine comes with a automatic thread trimmer and compared to other machines it have 30% more efficiency and it provides best stitches.This industrial machine provides seamless stitches and more efficiency.


      3.Jack H2 heavy duty Industrial Sewing Machine

  •  For Heavy Materials
  • Top feed, 750W motor, extremely durable for heavy materials, sews 10 layers of medium-light leather with great results.
  • Sealed Presser Foot Bar
  • Solid grease lubrication that eliminates oil stain problems.
  • Direct Drive Coaxial Motor
  • Reduces energy loss, makes your machine fast, stable, durable and quiet.
  • Easy To Use Panel
  • Control of simple functions and button for factory reset.
  • LED Light
  • Equipped with 3 levels of LED lighting, it offers clear visibility, allowing greater comfort in processing and avoiding eye strain.
  • Cooling Fan
  • Handwheel with cooling system, to reduce the engine temperature. Electronic control that increases the strength and durability of the components.

The Jack H2 heavy duty Industrial Sewing Machine comes with direct drive coaxial motor which has less noice and vibration.This industrial sewing machine can be used for heavy duty material,you can use a wide range of materials to personalize your sewing projects.The motor works in 750w and the machine can sew up to 10 layers of medium to light weight leather.This industrial sewing machine providess a stable and seamless sewing.This industrial sewing machine comes with a LED light and control panel to make your sewing easier and simpler.The LED light will illuminate your working space,it comes with a 3 levels.The industrial sewing machine offers a cooling fan to reduce the temperature and to increase the life span of the sewing machine.


      4.Jack F5 Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Integrated Bobbin winder
  • Voltage protection
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Direct drive motor

The Jack F5 Industrial Sewing Machine offers a integrated bobbin winder you can wind the bobbin while you are working and the machine automatically switch another when the other one runs out.This industrial sewing machine comes with a voltage protection,the machine will monitor the incoming current.The speed can be adjusted by the control panel.The motor Jack F5 Industrial Sewing Machine is direct drive mototer offers less vibration and less noice and have more efficiency.



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