Buy Best Bag Closer at new al afrah at best price

Buy Best Bag Closer at new al afrah at best price

Buy Best Bag Closer at new al afrah at best price


      1.GK9-2 Bag Closer Portable Electric

  • Speed : 800rpm
  • Sewing thickness : 8mm
  • Stitch length : 7.5-8.5mm
  • Stitch type : Single thread chain
  • Power : 220V
  • Net weight : 5.5kg
  • Motor : 90W

The GK9-2 bag closer portable electric offers a 800 rotation per minutes and sewing thickness about 8mm.This bag closer is a electric bag closer and can be easily carried from one place to another.It's a single threaded chain and needs voltage around 220v.The bag closer is light weight and need only small storage space.The stitch length is from 7.5-8.5mm and motor power is 90w.It's one of the best bag closer if you are looking for a portable one.


      2.Bravo Bag Closer

  • Single Thread/Chain Stitch
  • 3.5 Stitches per inch (25.4mm) Fixed.
  • 15 mm Maximum Thickness of Material you can Stitch.
  • Mechanical Thread Cutter Provided.
  • Heavy Duty 8000 RPM fully Copper AC Motor.
  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Made in India

This single thread bag closer offers heavy duty 800rpm fully copper ac motor.The bag closer weighs around 6kg and you can stitch up to 15mm maximum thickness.A mechanical thread cutter is provided with the bag closer.The bag closer provide a precise and seamless's a versatile bag closer for your sewing journey.


      3.Newlong Model NP7 - Japan

  • Maximum sewing speed : 1,900rpm
  • Seam : SIngle thread chain stitch
  • Half automatic thread cutter
  • Oil pumb : By hand
  • thickness : jute bag 8mm
  • paper,jute,pp
  • weight 6kg

The Newlong model NP7 - Japan bag closer offers a maximum speed of 1900 rotation per minutes and it's a single threaded chain stitch.The oil needs to be pumb by hand for lubrication.The bag closers can be used for a range of fabrics up to thickness 8mm.The machine only weighs around 6kg which is very easy to carry and transport.The machine is versatile and give precise results.


      4.Divine Bag Closer

  • Semi automatic 
  • Max sewing speed : 2000-3000spm
  • Capacity 50-100 bags per day
  • 2 needles
  • Heavy material

The Divine bag closer is a semi automatic bag closer which offers 2000-3000 stitches per minutes.You can sew up to 50-100 bags and comes with 2 needles.You can use wide variety of material from heavy fabric to lighht weight fabrics.


      5.Taima Bag Closer Machine

  • The carry home carry around bag stictching machine a light weight model bag stictching machine.
  • This model has a for single thread Chain stictching

The Taima bag closer machine is a light weight model and offers a single thread chain stitching and the bag closer is ideally suited for stitching bags for light weight material.

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