Buy Best Industrial Sewing Machines of Laiba at Best Price

Buy Best Industrial Sewing Machines of Laiba at Best Price

Buy Best Industrial Sewing Machines of Laiba at Best Price 

      1.Laiba 4420 double needle industrial sewing machine

  • Semi automatic
  • Max sewing speed : 2000-3000 spm
  • Motor : Power saver
  • Needle : DP x 17 18# -23

The Laiba 4420 double needle industrial sewing machine is a semi automatic sewing machine which offers maximum speed of 2000-3000 stitches per minutes.This industrial sewing machine is very versatile andd gives you precise and seamless stitching.It features a power saving motor with high efficiency and the needle measurment is DP x 17 18# -23.


      2.Laiba S610 Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Drive : Electric
  • Thread Number : Single Thread
  • Needle Number : Single Needle
  • Stitch Type : Lock Type
  • Stitch Length : 0.1mm
  • Transport Package : Carton
  • size: 650X280X550

The Laiba S610 Industrial Sewing Machine is a electric sewing machine which features a single needle and single thread.This industrial sewing machine is a lockstich indutrial sewing machine.It comes in a carton for eaasy storage and for easy transportation.The industrial sewing machine offers stitch length from 0.1mm.This is one of the best industrial sewing machine from the collection.The machine has a cntrol panel to control the speed and motion.


      3.Laiba S1 Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Automatic
  • power saver
  • Stitch sewing machine

The Laiba S1 Industrial Sewing Machine is a fully automatic industrial sewing machine.The Laiba S1 Industrial Sewing Machine is a hifhly efficient and have a power saving motor.This machine can sew a wide variety of fabrics from light weight to heavy fabrics and gives you a seamless stitching.


      4.Laiba L310 Industrial Sewing Machine

  • Max Sewing Speed :4000 (stitch/min)
  • Machine Type : Motor Operated
  • Number Of Needles : 1
  • Max Stitch Length : 1 mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke : 36.5mm
  • Usage/Application : Light Material

The Laiba L310 Industrial Sewing Machine offers a maximum sewing speed of 4000 stitches per second ang have 1 needle.This industrial sewing machine is motor operated and features a maximum stitch length of 1mm.The Laiba L310 Industrial Sewing Machine  designes mainly for light weight material and provides a seamless and precise stitching.This is one of the best industrial sewing machine if you are looking to start a small bussiness venture.


      5.Laiba 9800D3 Industrial Sewing Machine


  • Max. Sewing Speed : 4500 sti/min
  • Weight : 50kg
  • Stitch length : 0-5mm
  • Stitch Formation :Lock Stitch
  • Max. Sewing Thickness :14mm

The Laiba 9800D3 is one of the best sewing machine in the industrial sewing machine collection.It comes with control panels to easily contrrol the process making your sewing journey simpler.This industrial sewing machine has the highest sewing speed about 45000 stitches per minutes,you can complete your sewing project in no time.The machine weighs around 50kgs and provides seamless stitching from light weight fabrics to heavy fabrics to light weight fabrics.The industrial sewing machine features stitch length from 0-5mm,you can sew wide variety of fabrics with different thickness and the maximum sewing thickness is 14mm.This machine is very suitable for different fabrics like heavy leather,Denim,Jeans and more.

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