Buy Best Overlocker Sewing Machine From Juki I 20% Off I

Buy Best Overlocker Sewing Machine From Juki I 20% Off I

Buy Best Overlocker Sewing Machine From Juki I 20% Off I

After considering many features like performance,efficiency,speed,Price and more we've handpicked the best overlock sewing machine from the brand Juki.


      1.Juki MO735 Overlock Sewing Machine

Juki MO735 - Overlock machine - White - Front view

  • Lay-In Threading
  • Color Coded Thread Paths
  • Super Easy Looper Threading
  • Chain Looper Threading: Threading that is fast, easy and done in a snap. 
  • Front Extra-High Foot Lift
The Juki MO735 Overlock Sewing Machine has color coded thread paths to make your sewing fast and easier.The overlock sewing machine comes with a easy looper threading,you can just slide your thread into the slot making.It also offer lay in threading and chain looper threading which will make your sewing journey easier. The chain looper threading just push the button and the chain looper snaps down for complete access and easy threading.The overlock sewing machine offers extra high front foot lift option allows you to sew thicker fabrics or to sew layers of fabrics.


      2.Juki MCS 1500N Overlock Sewing Machine

Juki MCS 1500N - Overlock machine - White - Front view

  • Adjustable differential feed
  • Adjustable Presser foot pressure
  • Chainstitch
  • Decorative Stitching
  • Extension plate with seam guide lines
  • Exterior thread cutter
  • LED light fixture
  • Presser foot guide
  • Presser foot lifter
  • Simple looper threading
  • 3-thread cover stitch (wide)
  • 3-thread cover stitch (narrow)
  • 4 thread cover stitch

 The Juki MCS 1500N Overlock Sewing Machine comes with many features,The overlock sewing machine offers adjustable differential feed,adjustable Presser foot pressure, chainstitch,Decorative Stitching and many more.The features offers stable and precision sewing.The overlock machine features a LED light fixture to light up your sewing station.It offers maximum speed of 1350 stitches per minutes.Adjustable stitch length up to 4 mm to sew fabrics having different thickness.The Juki MCS 1500N Overlock Sewing Machine weighs 7kg.


      3.Juki MO 644DN Overlock Sewing Machine

Juki MO 644DN -  Overlock Sewing Machine - White - Front view

  • Foot pressure
  • Colour coded threading guide
  • Adjust stitch length
  • lower knife adjustment knob
  • Heavy duty knife system
  • Multi purpose foot
  • Bright LED light

The Juki MO 644DN Overlock Sewing Machine offers 2 needle and 2/3/4 threads.The color coded threading guide in the overlock sewing machine helps you to threads easily and you can adjust the stitch length provide versality fo different projects.The lower knife adjustment knob and Heavy duty knife system ensures precision in trimming and enhance seam accuracy.The machine adapts seamslessly to your sewing needes.The LED light illuminates your works space offering you clarity.


       4.Juki MO 654DEN Overlock Sewing Machine

Juki MO623N - Overlock  sewing machine - White - Front view

  • 2-Needle,
  • 2/3/4-Thread Overlock Machine
  • Dial Type Thread Tension Slots and Lower Loppers Threader
  • Max sewing speed 1500

This Juki MO 654DEN Overlock Sewing Machine is designed to power up your sewing journey.The overlock sewing machine has 2 needle and 2/3/4 threads.The overlock sewing machine features lower loppers threader and dial type thread tension slots to make your thrading breeze,quick and easy.The machine wigh's around 7kg which is light weight and easy to transport.


      5.Juki MO623N Overlock Sewing Machine

  • 1-Needle, 2/3-Thread Overlock Machine
  • Color-Coded Threading Guides
  • Adjust Stitch Length-the range of 1 to 4 mm.
  • Heavy-Duty Knife System
  • Automatic Rolled Hemming
  • Multi-Purpose Foot
  • Bright LED Lighting

The Juki MO623N Overlock Sewing Machine is a 1 needle overlock sewing machine with 2/3 threads.The machine has color coded thread which helps your sewing easier.The overlock sewing machine features automatic rolled hemming add fineness to your sewing project and heavy duty knife system ensures precision trimming.You have complete control with adjustable stitch length 1-4mm.The LED light illuminate you work space and gives you clarity.

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