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Jack JK-T1377E button sewing machine

Jack JK-T1377E button sewing machine

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Single-thread, Chainstitch, Mechanical Button Sewing Machine

Jack Button sewing machine JK-T1377E with automatic thread trimming and presser foot lifting. Stitch shape (for buttons with 4 holes) can quickly be changed over between parallel or “cross”, without replacing the cams. We change the type of stitching using the lever located on the machine head. All sewing parameters can be easily programmed on a readable control panel located in the machine head.

One machine, three ways to attach a button, just turn the knob to change easily.

  • Direct drive eco friendly
  • Intelligent Configuration
  • Easy To Use LCD Display
No. of Needles 1
No. of Threads 1
Button Diameter (mm) 10-28
Button Hole Size (mm) X: 2.5 ~ 6.5
Y: 0, 2.5 ~ 4.5
Automatic Thread Trimming Yes
Automatic Presser Foot Lifter Yes
Integarted Direct Drive Yes
Presser Foot Lifting Height (mm) 9
Max Speed (s.p.m) 1500
Volume (mm) 625x465x440
Weight (kg) 28.6 / 34.5

Revolutionize your button-sewing projects with the Jack JK-T1377E. This specialized button sewing machine is a game-changer, combining efficiency and precision in every stitch. Engineered with advanced features

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