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Taking TK111-1 aari machine

Taking TK111-1 aari machine

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Chainstitch Embroidery Machine- Taking

Hand operating Embroidery Machine

This machine is different from the lengthwise/crosswise sewing feed in conventional machines, as it is provide with a universal feed mechanism for all directions which can be simply operated by manual control, freely embroidering any desired pattern or design.

Place of Origin: Taiwan
Brand Name: Taking
Model Number: TK – 111-1
Stitch Formation: Chain Stitch
Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
Max. Sewing Speed: 5500RPM
Power: 250W
Overall Dimensions: 61*24*57cm

Revolutionize your embroidery with the Taking TK111-1 Aari Sewing Machine. This high-performance aari machine combines tradition and technology for exquisite designs. Ideal for intricate embroidery work, it delivers precision and speed, making it a valuable asset for artisans. 

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