Best Industrial sewing Machine of 2023

Best Industrial sewing Machines of 2023

Industrial sewing machines are the go to choice for professionals.With their high speed and power they can do wide variety of projects.There many things to be consdered while picking a industrial sewing machines like speed,durabilty,effieciency,motor power and build quality.Considering all these factors we have handpicked the 5 best industrai sewing machines.

     1.Juki DU1181ND Industrial Sewing Machine

Juki DU1181ND - Industrial sewing machine - White - Front view

  • 1-Needle
  • Top and Bottom-feed
  • Lockstitch Machine with Double-capacity Hook
  • Max sewing speed : 2000sti/min
  • Max sttich length : 9mm
  • Needle bar stroke 36.5mm
  • Thread take up : link type 
  • Needle : DP×17 (#21) #14~#23 *The DB×1 needle can also be used.
  • Thread : #40~#8
  • Hook : Horizontal-axis full-rotary double-capacity hook
  • Lubrication : Automatic
  • Weight of the machine head : 31kg
  • Knee lifter mechanism : Built on the machine head
  • Bed size : 477mm×178mm

The Juki DU1181ND industrial sewing machine offers a maximum speed of 2000sti/mins.It has a dial that helps you to adjust the length and thickness of stitches which helps you to sew different fabrics of different thickness.The Juki DU1181ND industrial sewing machine has a reverse lever which not all industrial machine have.It helps you to stitch back and forth.Additional features like bottom feed which helps you to move the bottom layer of fabric.Knee feed lifter gives you a option to keep your hands on the fabric all the time.If you are planning to start project that needs more layered material,the Juki DU1181ND industrial sewing machine is the simplest and the best choice for you.


      2.Laiba 4420 Industrial Sewing Machine

Laiba 4420 - Industrial sewing machine - White - Front view

  • Semi automatic grade
  • Max sewing speed 2000-3000sti/min
  • Power saver motor
  • DP x 17 18# -23 Needle

The Laiba 4420 industrial sewing machine offers a maximum speed of 3000 stitches per minutes which helps your sewing projects done quickly and it has a power saving motor enhancing energy efficiency during operations.The Laiba 4420 industrial sewing machine utilizes the DP x 17 18# -23 Needle,providing versality in handling various fabrics and sewing tasks.


      3.Jack F4 Industrial Sewing Machine

Jack F4 - Industrial sewing machine - White - Front view

  • Stitch Length 5mm
  • Height of Presser Foot 5-13mm
  • Direct Drive
  • For Light and Heavy Fabric
  • Safety Switch
  • Easy and Smart Panel
  • Sewing Speed 5000spm
  • Dimension  64.5x24.8x55 cm
  • High voltage protection
  • Silent Motor

The Jack F4 Industrial sewing machine is standard industrial sewing machine with a speed of 5000 stitches per minutes.The speed can be adjusted using the speed control.This industrial machine comes with a reverse lever which helps you to stitch back and forth.The Jack F4 industrial sewing machine has a stitch length of 5mm.The machine can be used for light to heavy fabric.This industrial sewing machine is a german design and it's a excellent at power saving.


      4.Butterfly BF 8800D Industrial Sewing Machine

   Butterfly BF 8800D - Industrial sewing machine - White - Front view

  • Built in Electronics Control Box
  • Built in Control Panel
  • Power Saving Motor
  • Max Sewing Speed 5000spm
  • Self-lubricate Design of Take-up-lever Mechanism
  • Extra Wide Space
  • Built in Direct Drive Servo motor

The Butterfly BF 8800D industrial sewing machine is a perfect integration of mechatronic lockstitch sewing machine which has built-in electronic control box and built-in control panel, with a number of features, can be easily assembled and conveniently operated.It offers a wide working space making your sewing easier.Butterfly BF 8800D industrial sewing machine has a sewing speed of 5000spm with a power saving motor ensuring quick and energy saving sewing.To control the fetaures it has a buiit in control panel.The built in direct drive motor servo motor save the electricity usage by 60%.This industrial sewing machine  can be used for thin and for thick fabrics like knit wear,jeans,shirts.


      5.Singer 20U-105C Industrial Sewing Machines

Singer 20U-105C - Industrial Sewing Machines - White - Front view

  • Speed, Max (S.P.M.): 2500
  • Clearance Under Foot: 6.35 mm (by hand)
  • Needle Bar Stroke: (30.7mm) 
  • Stitch Length, Max.: (5mm)
  • Stitch Width, Max.: 9mm
  • Needle: 135 x 7 or 135 x 5 (135 x 8 TRI for leather)
  • Bobbin - Metal:
  • Hook: Rotary
  • Bed Size: 7 x 15.75
  • Workspace: 8.25
  • Speed depends on thread, material and operation.

The Singer 20U-105C  industrial sewing machine is a single needle lockstich for a wide variety of applications.This industrial sewing machine  can be used from light weight fabrics to heavy fabrics.You can also do embroidery using this industrial sewing machine and can convert to zigzag or straight stitching easily.The stitch width can be adjusted by knee operated bight control.It has a built in bobbin winder which will makes the sewing simpler.It offers a speed of 2500spm and stitch length of 9mm.

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