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Butter fly

Butterfly BF 8800D Industrial sewing machine

Butterfly BF 8800D Industrial sewing machine

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1.It is a perfect integration of mechatronic lockstitch sewing machine which has built-in electronic control box and built-in control panel, with a number of features, can be easily assembled and conveniently operated. 

2.New appearance design, looks more beautiful, extra wide workspace, convenient for sewing material pick and place, make the operational environment more free and relaxed.

3. butterfly sewing machine with power saving motor: saves electricity up to 60%

4. Self-lubricate design of take-up-lever mechanism, greatly improved the service life.

Max sewing speed 5000spm

Discover excellence in sewing with the Butterfly BF 8800D. This advanced sewing machine is a perfect blend of innovation and performance. Equipped with cutting-edge features, the BF 8800D ensures precision stitching for all your projects


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