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Citizen TA1-103K vintage sewing machine

Citizen TA1-103K vintage sewing machine

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  • Single needle lock stitch machine designed for trailers, sewing establishment and garment industry.
  •  In addition to straight stitch it can be effectively used with special attachment for hemming and sewing on lace, ruffing, trucking etc.
  • Full rotary Shuttle
  • capable of more than 3000 stitches per minute.
  • Stitches fine and heavy calicoes, muslin, fine linen cambric shirting, fine and heavy silk, light/heavy woolen, khaki drill, cotton canvas, terylene, corduary, upholstery fabrics, terry cotton, soft leather.

Embrace the allure of yesteryear with the Citizen TA1-103K Vintage Sewing Machine, blending nostalgia and functionality seamlessly. Unleash your creativity on fabrics with precision and style,

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