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Janome blind stitch foot for overlock machines

Janome blind stitch foot for overlock machines

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For Janome Sewing Machine

This foot creates the same invisible stitch seen on ready-made dresses like pants, skirts and even curtains. Simply install the foot, and line up your fold with the guide bar.

The Janome “G” Foot allows you to create an amazing hems with at the exact desired height you want. Furthermore, with this genuine Janome Adjustable Blind Hem Foot, you will have perfect stitch formation every time for your garment construction or craft project. This foot is a must have in a sewing kit.

Suitable with Janome Serger Like :

Janome 7034D

Janome Mylock744D

Janome Mylock 213

Achieve invisible hems with Janome Blind Stitch Foot for Overlock Machines—an essential sewing accessory for professional and discreet finishing. Elevate your projects with this high-quality foot, ensuring precision and seamless blind stitching in every stitch.

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