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Juki MO 6804s overlocker

Juki MO 6804s overlocker

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  • Stitch Type:  1 Needle Overlock
  • Stitch Style in USA:  504
  • Max Sewing Speed:  7,000 Stitches per Minute
  • Stitch Length:  0.6 ~ 3.8 (4.5) mm
  • Overedging Width (mm):  1.5, 4.0
  • Differential Feed Ratio:  For gathering 1:2 (Max. 1:4), For stretching 1:0.7 (Max. 1:0.6)
  • Needle Bar Stroke:  24.5mm(60H:27.0mm)
  • Inclination Angle of the Needle:  20°
  • Needle Bar Bushing:  Lower bushing method
  • Needle:  DC×27 (excluding some subclass model)
  • Max. Lift of the Presser Foot:  7mm (excluding some subclass model)
  • Max. Presser Foot Pressure:  63.7N (6.5kgf)
  • Stitch Adjusting Method:  By push-button
  • Differential-Feed Adjusting Method:  By lever (with micro-adjustment)
  • Weight of the Machine Head:  27kg
  • Lubrication:  Automatic
  • Lubricating Oil:  JUKI Machine Oil 18 (equivalent to ISO VG18)
  • Needle Cooler:  Provided as standard
  • Needle Thread Heat Remover:  Provided as standard
  • Micro-Lifter:  Option

Discover precision sewing with the Juki MO-6804S Overlocker. Perfect for professional finishes, this advanced 4-thread overlocker ensures seamless stitching on a variety of fabrics. 

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