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Km RS 50 fabric cutting machine

Km RS 50 fabric cutting machine

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Handheld Rotary 50mm Knife Blade Cloth and Fabric Cutting Machine with 2 Hex Circular Blade and Built-in Sharpening Stone.

Key features:

  • A light 600-gram plastic body for easy handling.
  • A heptagonal upper blade that, with the lower blade, prevents fabric slipping for accurate cutting of any type fabric.
  • Continual sharp, clean cuts on all fabric, thick or thin.
  • Simple push button starting and automatic sharpening.
  • Easy operation by simply holding the switch bar gently.

Experience precision and speed with the KM RS 50 Fabric Cutting Machine. A cutting-edge solution for efficient and accurate fabric cutting in any industry.


SKU:KM RS 50 Fabric Cutting Machine-Multi color

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