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Bravo two needle bag closer

Bravo two needle bag closer

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Two Needle Bravo Bag Closer

A two-needle bag closer machine is a reliable and efficient solution for closing bags in industries such as agriculture, food, and manufacturing. With its double-needle stitching capability, this machine ensures a secure closure that can withstand heavy loads and rough handling. The compact and user-friendly design of the machine makes it easy to operate and maintain, while its high-speed performance ensures maximum productivity. Whether you need to close bags of grain, seed, fertilizer, or other materials, a two-needle bag closer machine is a cost-effective and dependable choice that can improve your packaging process and increase your bottom line.


1. Stitch Length - 7.5mm (fixed)
2. Sewing Speed - 4-6 secs per bag
3. Motor - 1/10HPx8000 RPM, 220-230V.AC/DC,50C/S
4. Needle - DBx257 # 25

Introducing the Bravo Two-Needle Bag Closer, a cutting-edge solution for impeccable bag stitching. This advanced sewing machine is designed to elevate your bag-closing capabilities with its dual-needle precision and efficient performance.

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